Data Manager

The QHSE Data Manager™ software package has been developed by a team of OH&S experts over several years in real world environments. It is much more than a generic OH&S program, instead an innovative approach to the management of data, delivering Key Performance Indicators when needed and traceability of actions to deliver compliance with regulations and standards.

  • Create a safer work environment
  • Manage and oversee improvements in quality
  • Track the environmental impact of your products and services

Our integrated approach to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment facilitates performance improvement and growth and reduces the stress of the manual paper trail. List, search, report in minutes, not days!

Share the load of entering data and create a culture in which safety thinking becomes an inherent part of your company where employees are able to contribute to continual improvements and better safety.

Occupational Health and Safety

The QHSE Data Manager™ has been developed to assist OH&S Managers to do what they do:

  • Report Incidents and manage associated injuries
  • Identify and manage Hazards
  • Make Safe Operating Procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets and Safety Policies available to all who need them, no matter where they are
  • Track Employee and Subcontractor training, inductions, licenses, certifications, warnings etc.
  • Identify and manage non-conformity and opportunities for improvement

The system allows OH&S Managers to quickly find the information they need if an investigation is underway and to demonstrate their compliance to regulations and the company's commitment to safety.

Risk Management

The QHSE Data Manager™ software is built in accordance with ISO 31000 for risk management. The software enables you to proactively identify the tasks that need to be carried out to prevent risks and to ascertain that recorded incidents are reviewed and finalised by designated personnel.

Assess and prioritise all hazards to manage any potential safety or environmental risks.

Risk assessments are instantly graphed to demonstrate both the “initial” risk and “residual” risk, taking into consideration all current and proposed control measures.

The Hazard Register provides the basis for management of risks to safety across the whole organisation.


A feature of the QHSE Data Manager™ Software is that it integrates a comprehensive documentation management system allowing easy retrieval of the latest version of any document by those who need it wherever they are.

You can add procedure types specific to your company. Forms, material safety data sheets, job descriptions, company presentations, training & inductions, and more!

The upload function is only available to administrators so you control the definitive version of any document.

The global search function allows anyone to rapidly find the document they need even when the type of document is unknown by the user.

Quality Control

QHSE Data Manager enables Quality Managers to control all quality documentation and to manage continuous improvement.

A corrective action process means that Non Compliance Reports and Opportunities for Improvement are dealt with speedily and the process tracked for reporting purposes.

The instant messaging email function quickly decreases the corrective action resolution time while giving accountability and ensuring the cycle is promptly completed. Real-time Graphing and Key Performance Indicators allow Management and key users to analyse the improvements and corrective actions instantly, reducing administration and highlighting trends.

No more tedious calculating report results at the end of the month!


The QHSE Data Manager™ software allows Environmental Managers to assess the environmental impact of their products and processes. Record any environmental incidents and schedule actions for remediation. Be in a position to demonstrate compliance to legislation and standards at the press of a button!

Ensure that you have all relevant documentation easily accessible to aid in assessing your environmental requirements and obligations.

Manage all your permits, licenses and other documentation within the QHSE Data Manager™ for easy access and review. You can even be reminded when renewals are due, so that you are always up to date.

Community risks and social impacts can also be assessed and monitored using the QHSE Data Manager™ software program.